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Bed Center W.L.L

The Bed Center is a sanctuary of indulgence for connoisseurs of quality sleep systems and bedding accessories. From modest beginnings in 1996 the Bed Center has grown to become a renowned and trusted brand synonymous with excellence and superior customer service. It has gained its reputation for being a multi branded corporation that consists of missions, visions, and values that distinguishes it from others.

Experts in understanding and meeting the specific needs of our customers, the Bed Center are specialists in medically superior mattresses and bedding accessories such as Orthopedic Mattress, Pillows, Bed Sets, Feather Duvets, Fiber Duvets, Bed Sheets, Mattress Protectors, Mattress Topers and Towels . We source the world's best mattresses, pillows and bedding from the US, Belgium, Turkey and Greece in order to provide premium sleep system products in Bahrain.

Our mission is to educate society on the importance of a heavenly sleep. To inform people how far you can go with sleep in terms of quality and comfort. We would like to introduce every member of our community into a world where there is no limit to your good night rest.

Our vision is to improve people's lifestyles and sleeping habits within all the generations.


1. Quality: Bed Center is a multi branded corporation that focuses on serving the community with the highest standards, quality and exclusivity of brands.

2. Comfort: We involve ourselves with customers on a personal level. Sleep is a personal act that every person undergoes at least once daily; many questions revolving around it can be quite personal. But with a friendly experienced staff, comfort sinks in. We operate on the essence of trust within each other. Offering genuine advice and information.

3. Flexible: We try to do our best to keep our customers satisfied at all times. We are flexible with our deliveries and continue to serve our customers at all times.

"The greatest investment any person can make, is to invest in a good mattress, and then comes success, health and love."

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